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Established in January 2012, Jiangsu Josun Science & Technology Co.,

Ltd. is an enterprise limited by shares which was jointly initiated and

established by Jiangsu Josun Air Conditioner Co., Ltd. and Mr. Qian

Zerong. In November 2015, it was listed in Equities Exchange

and Quotations (hereinafter referred to as the New Three Board).




1-2.jpg The company concentrates on research & development,

manufacturing and sales of various coolers of doubly-fed

wind generators, coolers of permanent magnetic direct-drive

and half-direct-drive wind generator and other special cooling

equipment of wind power, coolers of high-voltage motors, marine

cooling equipment, coolers of locomotive transformers, oil

electric blower fans, L blower fans and other electromechanical equipment.




Relying on several decades’ manufacturing

concept of Josun, with technical innovation as

permanent subject of the enterprise, and through

assiduous struggling and endless efforts, the company

has obtained national invention patents, and 

national utility model patents successively, and the three

products, namely air-air cooler of doubly-fed wind generators,

air-water cooler and the new-type 2MW air-air cooler have obtained

the honorary title of Jiangsu Province New and High-tech Products.

The company has passed ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System

Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification,

and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health Management System Certification,

and it is both a Jiangsu Province high-tech enterprise and a Jiangsu Province

private scientific and technological enterprise.






In addition to constantly enhancing and developing deep

cooperative relationship with CRRC Group, Dongfang Electric

Corporation, Shanghai Electric Group, Nanjing Automobile Group,

Sany Group, XEMC and other famous domestic enterprises, the

company also pays attention to establishing long-term strategic

cooperative relationship with SEDL, Vestas Wind System A/S

(China, the USA, India, Spain, Denmark), Gamesa Wind Power

Tianjin Co., Ltd., GE Company and other world famous enterprises.

The company sells its products to the USA, Denmark, Brazil, Sweden,

India, Mexico, Costa Rica and other countries and regions.




The enterprise creates its glory with advanced technology,

strict management and excellent quality. Total MW of

coolers of wind-driven generators produced by the company

has been in the steady leading place within the industry for

many successive years, and Josun Science & Technology

has truly developed into manufacturing base.




1-6.jpg In the future, while striving to develop the entity

economy, Josun will pay more attention to capital movement,

it will promote the entity with capital, realize new span of

enterprise with spirit, and undertake more responsibility for

revitalization of Chinese national industries.


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