People-oriented, talent is the core value of the enterprise

Talent development

Source:Josun Hits: 2016-06-06

The company pays high emphasis on human resources, and regards human resources as the most important strategic resource of the enterprise, which is a measure for long-term development of the company.


By virtue of establishing effective incentive mechanism for talents, shareholding plan for core backbones, remuneration management system and perfect training system, and through creating an active and healthy competition circumstance, the company enables every staff to exert his biggest potential in suitable position, and is going to fully create a skill-oriented, innovative and compound high-level team of talents of good quality, reasonable structure and adequate quantity.


The company insists on the people-oriented employment concept all the time, focuses on talents cultivation, struggles to create a good work and study environment for staff, ensures that the staff could work and live happily, and is kind to the staff and makes social returns all the time, hence realizing a harmonious unity of personal interest, company interest and social interest fundamentally as a result.

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