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General Manager's speech:


Established in January 2012, Jiangsu Josun Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise controlled by Jiangsu Josun Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.-undertaking unit of qualified weapons of General Armaments Department of the People’s Liberation Army as well as Chinese manufacturer of marine cooling equipment, with various coolers of wind-power generators as the main body, and whose products cover manufacturing of cooling equipment of nuclear power, locomotive, naval vessel, industrial motors and other fields. Total MW of coolers of wind-driven generators produced by our company has been in the steady place within the industry for many successive years, and our company has truly developed into manufacturing base of wind-power coolers in China. In November 2015, the company logged in the New Three Board successfully, and has opened a new era of realizing span-development of the enterprise through capital operation. we will vigorously promote technical innovation, and constantly guide cutting-edge wind-power cooling technology in the world; we are willing to undertake more responsibility for domestication of Chinese wind-powerequipment; we wish to create a bright future of wind-power career together with world famous wind-power enterprises; Josun wind-power cooler not only belongs to China but also belongs to the world. I hereby sincerely pay respects to, experts and friends of all walks of life who care and support the development of Josun Science & Technology.





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