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Josun, I sing for you

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Josun, I sing for you

Composed by: Qian Zerong


Here is a land of hope,
Here is full of enthusiasm and vitality,
Here is proceeding a great cause,
Here is well known for extraordinary knowledge, wisdom and boldness of decision-makers.
With passage of time, in only three decades,
From the old plant area to a grand international industrial park;
A modern plant suddenly appears to stand in the middle area of Jiangsu;
This is Josun, my Josun,
Henceforth, a new story and legend of entrepreneurship is added to birthplace of Mei Lanfang.。

We looked back to --- three decades before,
Mr. Qin Tianqing made a whoop shocking the whole world,
The banner of power machinery factories
began to fly high above the rough field beside the Yangtze Rive
 We looked backed to --- three decades before, leaders of two generations overcame all obstacles, underwent self-imposed hardships,
by virtue of courage and wisdom,
led Josun in creating glories and honors one after another.

 Top 50 enterprise of Taixing City, top 10 enterprise of Taixing City,
three high-tech enterprises,
thirty invention patents,
three hundred utility model patents,
a group scale exceeding RMB one billion.

Josun, I am proud of you,
I am proud of your management principle of “performance is the hard truth”,
You have interpreted the true essence of realizing life value for Josun people.

Josun, I am proud of you,
I am proud of your work discipline,
System, procedure, execution
You have specified the orientation of ensuring the highest management level for Josun people.

Josun, I am proud of you, I am proud of your value outlook,
Credit ,service, innovation, study ,execution
You have established the guiding principle of “making innovative development, and creating a hundred-year Josun” for Josun people.

Josun, lovely Josun.
A time of three decades
has built up your strong body;
By virtue of the east wind of Chinese reform and opening-up policy,
you are unfolding your strong and powerful wings,
flying to a more beautiful and distant sky.

Josun, lovely Josun. I really admire you.
Admiring your --- hardworking and enterprising spirit;
starting from scratch,
sweat, tears and blood accompany you forward all the way.

Admiring your --- persistent and dauntless fighting will,
surrounding, catching, blocking and stopping,
insisting, fighting and rising,
all have helped you out of crisis over and over again;

Admiring your --- broad-minded and tolerant personality,
making a quick retreat before a crisis,
modesty, wisdom and bosom,
are accompanying you to have your good reputation spread far and wide.

Admiring your --- heroic undertaking of able men tied down to a routine post,
a second entrepreneurship,
belief, strategy and spirit,
make the world people filled with admiration toward you forever.

Ah, Josun,
you held to the never-say-die belief,
you contained steps of fellow travelers,
you picked up the hope of Chinese national industry,
and you played a progressive movement of the new era.

Ah, Josun, I am proud of you,
boundless river and sea, you concern coldness and warmth of far-travelers,
Somalia escort, Antarctic scientific research of China…
You have left so many excellent stories and legends.

Ah, Josun, I am proud of you,
under the boundless sky, you firmly keep the national mission in mind,
big commercial airplanes, Tiangong-1…
You have achieved so many honors and dreams.

Josun, I am proud of you,
saving energy and protecting environment, you closely hold the pulse of the times,
Bird’s Nest, Water Cube…
You have left so many good reputations and reveries for the world people.

Josun, I am proud of you,
green wind power, you keep watch with the world,
Siemens, Vestas…
You have undertaken responsibility and hope of global wind power plants.

Josun, I am proud of you,
Josun --- the biggest Chinese supplier of marine air conditioners,
Josun --- the biggest Chinese supplier of rubber and plastic insulation materials,
Josun --- the biggest Chinese supplier of marine air conditioners,
Josun --- the biggest Chinese supplier of environmental control,
Josun --- the biggest Chinese supplier of wind power generation cooling equipment.
“Biggest”, is your name,
“Biggest”, is your honor,
“Biggest”, is your contribution,
“Biggest”, is your responsibility-undertaking.
Josun, my lovely Josun.
You are drawing a grand blueprint,
with firm belief,
with wholehearted enthusiasm,
with innovative spirit,
with solid measures,
you are continuing to write a new chapter of speed, efficiency and development with proud.

Josun, my lovely Josun.
You have supported so many people’s sails of dreams like a vast sea,
you have initiated so many people’s yearning for climbing to the summit like a lofty mountain,
you laugh and surge all the way like a flood dragon going to the sea,
you struggle to fight and laugh in the sky like a tercel with opening wings.

We are high-spirited and vigorous,
we stand together regardless of situation,
we are fearless and high-hearted,
we fight with giant wave,
We spare no efforts to create a internationalized Josun,
a human Josun
a scaled Josun
and a hundred-year Josun
This is your dream,
my dream,
all Josun people’s dream,
and the hope for realizing great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Josun, you are full of youthful spirit forever,
Josun, I will sing for you forever.



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