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Year 2016 Welding Skills Competition of Josun Science & Technology

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Year 2016 Welding Skills Competition of Josun Science & Technology

     In order to constantly improve the staff’s skills and quality, stimulate the innovative potentials, and promote implementation of “enhancing the enterprise with talents” strategy, on August 23, 2016, Josun Science & Technology held “Welding Skills Competition of Josun Science & Technology”, in which total 13 welding talents from cabinet and accessory workshop sections have participated. Through intense competition, Jiao Jiafeng from the accessory workshop section stood out to win the championship, and was awarded the honorary title of “welding star”; Zhou Shuangjian, Sun Qiang and Lin Xiaobo won paralleling secondary prize, and were awarded the honorary title of “welding star of hope”.


Leader delivers the speech, and competition begins.   

        General manager Qian Zerong delivered the opening speech of the competition, and general manager Qian pointed out that, the competition had the features of guidance, practicality, foresight, etc., and through the competition, we could exchange the skills, improving the skills, thus accelerating construction of high-technical talents’ base of the company, which was of great significance to carrying forward the “craftsman spirit” of making it better. It is hoped that through this welding skills competition, we could improve skills level of the team, making refined products, and improve influence of the company brand constantly.



Fair competition Fair and square

           Assessment content of this competition was practical on-site operation, with the time limit of 30 minutes. The content mainly included pre-welding, while-welding and after-welding parts. The scoring standards consisted of ISO 5817-C, preparation before welding, safe and civilized production, appearance and quality of welded seams and other parts. The 13 competitors represented the highest level of welding skills of the company since they were well selected from various workshop sections. Competition sequence of the competitors was decided by drawing lots openly before the competition, and the competition was conducted under the environment of fairness, justice and openness.




Competition moment Open fire display

     In the competition field, there was a spray of steel on the welding operation points, which was as splendid as fireworks; the participants were all “armed to the teeth”, fully engaged and meticulous; they conducted the assessment contents of the competition in strict accordance with the specifications and articles of association, and have fully demonstrated solid basic skills and high-level technical skills of welding talents of the company.


Honor summit, obvious to all




The leader made a summary for mutual benefit and mutual encouragement

     General manager Qian pointed out that, the successful holding of this welding skills competition relied on common efforts of everyone, and through this competition, it was conducive to building a good atmosphere of learning and practicing skills through “comparing, learning, catching, helping and surpassing” in the company, and it was conducive to further promoting the company’s team construction of high-quality skilled talents, initiating innovative potentials of the staff, providing the clients with products of excellent quality, and creating an influential brand of Josun.


Sweep, attention

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